Podcasts About Your Favorite TV Shows Hosted By Actual Cast Members

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There are so many TV show podcasts out there, but a rare few are actually hosted by those involved in the show they are talking about. On this list you will find the best TV show recap podcasts with the cast and crew that made them. From multiple The Office podcasts to podcasts about old TV shows, pretty much every TV genre is covered on this list. 

The best TV show recap podcasts have dynamic and and charismatic hosts. On the Scrubs podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison sing and joke their way through recaps and celebrity interviews. Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton, and Sophia Bush of the the One Tree Hill pod, chat about their time on the show over zoom. There are also podcasts for other popular shows like Supernatural, Community, The West Wing, Yellowstone, New Girl, Manifest, and Psych.

What are some of your favorite TV show podcasts made by the cast and crew? Vote up the ones worth a listen, and vote down the ones you'd rather skip. Check back to see if your favorites topped the list! 


  • 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends (with Zach and Donald)'
    Photo: 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach + Donald' / iheartradio
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    'Fake Doctors, Real Friends (with Zach and Donald)'

    Hosts: Zach Braff (who played J.D.) & Donald Faison (who played Turk)

    TV Show: Scrubs

    What to expect: The "guy love" is still very much real between Zach Braff and Donald Faison, real friends who played doctors on the hit medical comedy Scrubs. On their recap podcast, the two share their stories about their time on the medical comedy, along with plenty of guests from the show. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, stars like John C. McGinley and Sarah Chalke,  and even guest actors Brendan Fraser show up to talk about the show. Expect songs, laughter, and even a fan call-in segment. 

  • 'Parks and Recollection'
    Photo: Parks and Recollection / Team Coco
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    'Parks and Recollection'

    Hosts: Rob Lowe (who played Chris Traeger) and Alan Yang (Parks and Recreation writer/director/played a Mouse Rat band member)

    TV Show: Parks and Recreation

    What to expect: Literally the official Parks and Rec recap show, hosts Rob Lowe and Alan Yang bring an actor and writer's perspective to all things surrounding the beloved NBC comedy. Each week, they cover a new episode, sharing writer's room secrets and on-set antics. 

  • 'I Am All In With Scott Patterson'
    Photo: I Am All In with Scott Patterson / iHeartPodcasts
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    'I Am All In With Scott Patterson'

    Host: Scott Patterson (who played Luke Danes) 

    TV Show: Gilmore Girls

    What to expect: Instead of serving coffee, Scott Peterson is giving us all the Gilmore Girls secrets. In his podcast, he watches each episode, and recaps it before giving us all the details and behind-the-scenes facts he can remember. Often, other cast members will stop by share their own memories of being in Stars Hollow.

  • 'The Darkest Timeline With Ken Jeong And Joel McHale'
    Photo: The Darkest Timeline with Ken Jeong and Joel McHale / Apple Podcasts
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    'The Darkest Timeline With Ken Jeong And Joel McHale'

    Hosts: Joel McHale (who played Jeff Winger) & Ken Jeong (who played Ben Chang)

    TV Show: Community

    What to expect: Real-life frenemies and former costars Joel McHale and Ken Jeong joined forces in 2020 to talk about the cult comedy tv show that made their careers. This is not a recap podcast, in fact, it was made while both were not working during the COVID-19 lockdown. Jeong, a former physician, broke down what was happening during the pandemic in real time, giving advice, stats, and dispelling inaccurate information. The two also spent much of their time talking about Community, having their fellow cast mates and directors on as guests, and even giving a behind-the-scenes look at the show's mini-reunion and read-through.

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    'Office Ladies'

    Hosts: Jenna Fischer (who played Pam Beesly) & Angela Kinsey (who played Angela Martin)

    TV Show: The Office

    What to expect: IRL best friends Jenna and Angela co-host this podcast, with each episode tackling a different episode of The Office, in the order the TV episodes originally aired. Both ladies are sentimental, and kept journals, and sometimes video footage, of their time on the show. They share these BTS details, and are often joined by fellow cast members, writers, directors, and producers of the show, and more.