15 Actors And Actresses We Wish We Would Have Appreciated More During Their Heydays

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Nostalgia is a tricky thing. A smell, a sound, or an image can spark a memory or feeling that sends you back to a familiar and comfortable place. This same experience is true when you see one of your favorite actors or actresses on-screen. These are the celebrities we grew up with, the ones who hold a place in our hearts, and the ones we carry with us throughout our lives. 

Watching one of the last movies made by Hollywood powerhouses like Robin Williams or John Candy can make you smile, cry, and then smile again, all in one sitting. Late performers are among some of those we miss the most, but so are the stars who gave up the craft - for whatever reason. We enjoyed them for years, when all of a sudden they were no longer gracing our screens.

In hindsight, we wish we would have valued these performers' efforts more when we had the chance. Whether we took them for granted, were simply unaware of their brilliance, or were too young to really take them in, they left an undeniable impression. Which ones did the same for you, too?