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Free Sources of High Quality Images for Your Website

Free Sources of High Quality Images for Your Website

Images are an indispensable part of any website. Apart from the written matter, images work as main attraction on your website. You might have heard a very popular saying “an image speaks a thousand words”. Hence, the high quality images are a must on any website which should convey the right message to your potential buyers.

While working on website designing projects for our clients for the last few years, when we ask them to send images of their choice for their websites, they usually search Google and send us images which are found in the search results. Images from google search should not be used because those images are not owned by Google. Those images are owned by other companies and they have their copyright on them. Using such images is illegal which may put you in trouble. Google just indexes the images from other sites and shows you them in search results. 

Now the question arises in mind is, if Google is not the right place to search for images then where should you find images?

Here are the two most popular free sources of Royalty Free images. Meaning without any legal or copyright issue you can use images available on these sites freely for any of your personal as well as commercial Projects. Not only on website, even for any kind of marketing material in which you use graphics.  

The two sites are:

On Pixabay you can find high quality beautiful images completely free of cost. The process of searching on Pixabay is simple. You can type the industry or keyboard of your interest in the search bar provided and it will show you hundreds of high quality images.

The second most popular site that you can search images on is On Pexels as well the images are royalty free which you can use for any purpose be it personal or official.

For few industries you may notice that some images are available on both the sites Pixabay as well as Pexels but most of the time you will get what you want for your purpose.

So why not give it a try, it is not going to cost you anything.

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