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What is an online shopping site?

An online shop, as the name suggests it is your shop on internet where buyers can come, see the products, check their details and make the payment on the website itself to buy. They can make payment through various mediums which you want to make available like cash on deliverycredit carddebit card, Paypal, net banking, etc. You will receive the order online. With online shopping site you can track each order of all the customers from start to end.

There are lot of payment gateways available in the market which enable you to receive online payment. Many of the payment gateways providers do not charge any setup fees. They only charge per transaction or sales. Meaning, you have to pay them commission only when your product is sold.

Online shopping site is also called e-commerce website.

Who should choose online shopping site?

If you want to start retail shop or wholesale business you can go for online shopping site.
You can showcase your products, offer season discount or sale, offer coupons, and receive payment with no hassle.

And most importantly, the investment required in setting up online shopping site is not even 10% of the investment required in physical shop.

It is the best to test your idea of selling online.

If you have any query or need any help in setting up online shopping site feel free to call us.

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