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General Terms of Service


Validity of Quotation

      • Pricing Plans on our website are just indicative and do not signify final proposal.
      • Pricing plans on our website may change at any time without prior notice.
      • Quotation sent to the client will be considered final.
      • Quotation sent to the client is valid for 10 days. After that we may review the quotation depending upon the market conditions.


Content Copyright

      • We strongly suggest our clients to use only authentic sources for content such as images, text, sound files, videos, etc. to avoid any copyright issues.
      • All the contents that we upload on client’s websites are according to the client’s instructions and we will not be responsible for any copyright issues.


Payment Terms

      • Client will be provided admin panel of their website only after the final payment is made.


Backup of Website

      • As part of our website packages we normally take backup only once after the project is complete. If you want periodic and more frequent backups of your website please choose the right maintenance package from us to suit your requirement. Please contact us for clarity on this.


Platform for Website Designing

      • Website will be made on WordPress CMS.
      • We use themes for designing your website in which customisation will be limited to the options available in the theme customise panel.
      • Themes that will be used for website designing are free themes in which pro options cannot be used.


Design Approval

      • The design, font, colours, etc. of the website will be exactly similar to the demo you have chosen before making the advance payment.
      • If you want any customization in font, colours, etc. kindly discuss with us before finalizing so that we can consider the customization cost and give you the quotation accordingly.
      • Only design from the chosen template will be on your website. If you want some specific feature or functionality from that template it will cost extra.


No. of Changes / Revisions

      • In the website package of less than Rs. 35000/- the number of revisions will be up to two. Number of revisions beyond two will attract extra cost.
      • If you have other people take decisions about the website we would request you to discuss among yourself and let us know about the final layout design in relation to the expectations from your website.

Web Features

      • Website package includes only the contact form on the contact us page which will have 4 fields Name, Email, Phone Number and Message. If you have any specific requirement apart from these 4 kindly specify in advance so that we can consider its cost in the project.
      • Any specific features such as feedback form, survey form, table, etc is not included in the website package unless explicitly specified by the client.


Other Pages Design & Content

      • Pages other than Home page will have 1 image and upto 250 words text content as standard in the website package. If you want more than this kindly specify during the project requirement briefing before making the advance payment. It will attract extra cost.


Client Feedback

      • In order to provide quality website within specified timeline and within client’s budget, we continuously work keeping in touch with them. For which client feedback is a must.
      • After we complete the work on website we send the link of website to client and ask them to give us feedback so that we can work according to their preference.
      • Client must provide their feedback within 2 days. If we don’t receive any feedback from the client in 2 days, we will consider the client has accepted the work done by us and the project is complete and will ask the client for the final payment. Any corrections or modifications requested after 2 days will attract additional cost.


Renewal Charges

      • Renewal charges will include domain and hosting.
      • Renewal charges may vary depending upon the current price of domain as the prices of domain keeps varying frequently.


Content Upload

      • If you have opted for dynamic website package, adding the content on the web pages is your responsibility. If you want us to upload content kindly specify about it separately so that we can consider its additional cost in the project budget.
      • You can create unlimited pages on your website using the CMS.
      • In the eCommerce website packages, the task of uploading products and categories is not included. If you want us to upload the products and categories on the website kindly contact us.


Signature Link at Bottom

      • We place a small text link of our website in the bottom of client website. If you don’t want our link on your website we charge a nominal fee of Rs. 1500/- or 10% of project cost whichever is higher.
      • We showcase our clients websites on our website in portfolio section.


Domain & Hosting Charges

      • We provide shared hosting for hosting our clients websites which are included free of cost in our web designing packages. We do not provide any type of access to the cpanel to the client.
      • Free domain with our web designing packages includes domain names costing upto Rs. 300. If you want the domain which is costlier than this limit you have to pay the difference.

Browser Compatibility

      • We make our best effort to ensure websites are viewed by the majority of visitors. Websites are designed to work with the most popular current browsers. Hence, we cannot guarantee correct functionality with all browser software across different operating systems.


Email Facility

      • Email IDs given to clients with website package can be used for sending and receiving emails. However, we highly recommend that you should download emails in your local computer as we do not provide any backup of your emails on the server.
      • We give you webmail link, username and password to access your emails. However, setting it up in outlook or any other client software is your responsibility.
      • Bulk email marketing is not allowed.
      • If you want to access emails on multiple devices like laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. kindly contact us. We shall send you the options of professional email services available in the market which you can explore and buy according to your requirements.


Free Email IDs

Since we have the cost of creating and maintaining the email ID, we only offer it free for the first year as part of website designing packages.

      • Free email offers can only be availed if you have paid the website package amount in full within a period of 1 months from the date
        of confirming the contract.
      • It will be free only for the first year if you get website designing done in time and pay the full amount of the website package you selected.
      • If you fail to pay website designing charges or if you decide not to get the website project completed, the emails will be charged
        in the first year also. The charges of email will be per email ID.
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